We offer Tiger Kim’s Academy enrichment classes after school in select Denver Public Schools. These classes are taught on site during and after school on select days. Please check with your school for days and times. All enrichment members get a free class on Fridays and Saturdays at TKA for free during enrichment sessions. For more information please contact us at (303) 388-1408. Our programs are available at Bromwell Elementary, Amos Steck Elementary, and Denver Green School.


This one or two week program will introduce you to our martial arts, our school and our instructors. We have found from our many years of teaching. If you have lots or no experience in training this is a great tool to use to getting your training started. Our intro program includes a Official Tiger Kim uniform and the unlimited classes so you may determine how much training you would like to continue with. Good luck with your training.


Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and the hand.” The history and traditions of Taekwondo can be traced back into ancient times in Korea. Students learn various forms (Poom Sae) from the arts of Tae kwon do. They also learn self-defense and sparring techniques which are practiced with a partner. Beyond the physical techniques, students also learn the traditions of respect and discipline. One also learns confidence, discipline and self-control.
Taekwondo is an Official Olympic sport with competitors in 200 countries. Taekwondo is recognized by the United States Taekwondo, United States Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee.


Tang Soo Do a two thousand year old martial art known as the way of Tang’s open hand. Tang Soo Do is a primitive form of Taekwondo. It teaches full contact and full motion techniques for optimal power and speed. For the more experienced weapons are taught being a extension of one’s body. Often confused with karate, Tang Soo Do has been called Super Karate.

Tang Soo Do training also involves the practice of various weapons for increased concentration, exercise and use in competitions and demonstrations. These weapons are Bo staff, Nunchukas, and the sword.


Hapkido is taught as a self defense when you cannot kick or being grabbed. Hapkido incorporates techniques as well as Taekwondo blocks, strikes and kicks. The Hapkido arsenal includes grabbing, throwing, falling, joint locks, and pressure point techniques.


Mauy thai kick boxing is taught in the traditional way with full contact fighting in mind. We want to make a champion out of you with hard conditioning, blood, sweat and tears. Learn now and get to the ring. Tiger Kim’s has been featured in the original Ultimate Fighting Championships and UFC.


Tiger Kim’s Academy collects a donation for Breast Cancer Research Foundation by teaching a Women’s Self Defense Class every month. This class will teach practical Awareness, Confidence, Self defense, and Traditional Self defense (Hapkido). This class is held on the first Sunday of each month except when a holiday is present then class will be on the following Sunday. Please wear stretchy pants and comfortable top. Class will start at 10:30am-12:00pm. $5 donation for BCRF.
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Let you adult or child have a Tiger Style Birthday party. This party will last for 1 ½ hours and included invitations, pizzas, birthday cake, candles, tables, chairs, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, goodie bags and the best part a special class with Tiger Kim’s Instructors for 40 mins. We can cater to your special request as well. We have a bouncing castle, heavy bags, obstacle shapes, flip mats, piñata, and breaking boards. We can also cater for your adults too. We will do all the work. You have fun and relax.
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Tournaments are events which are a test of skills and courage. During competition effectiveness of techniques are tested and how to control emotions. The goals of Taekwondo competition are good sportsmanship and character development. Tiger Kim’s Academy will host a tournament every year and all schools are welcome to take part in competition, also we will travel to other great tournaments and compete.

Current tournaments available. Click here


Movie Nite usually happens once a month at Tiger Kim’s Academy come and watch a great martial arts movie or current release on our huge projection system. There will be food, snacks and drinks. Drop the kids off and parents can go out to the great restaurants in the neighborhood.

Halloween is a great time to have fun and dress up. You can be a black belt for this day and come to our party with great fun, food and prizes for all.

Picnics Tiger Kim’s Academy will host an annual school picnic out at City Park. There will be a large potluck barbeque. Bring the whole family and friends try Tiger Kim’s Korean Barbeque done by Master Kim’s Wife.

Demonstrations are another fun activity you and your student can participate in and be show cased in broad and concrete breaking, forms, weapons, Hapkido, and food and free prizes. If you have a large event and would like to have Tiger Kim’s special events team demonstrate please ask Master Tiger Kim.