Why take our word for it?  Here’s what people are saying … Below are just a few testimonials about Tiger Kim’s Academy.  For more, visit our social networks.

I trained here over 20 years ago. Excellent instructors. There is no parallel to the discipline and knowledge of Taekwondo at Tiger Kim’s academy!

– Lisa Daugherty

Excellent Instructors

This is our 3rd year at the academy. My boys love the movement and learning this Korean martial art. It has instilled in them a sense of pride, focus, discipline…and it’s fun too. We like being part of the community this academy has created. Excellent teachers, too!

– Batya Stepelman

Pride, Focus, and Discipline

Great place to learn Taekwondo. The place is a very family-friendly environment. The staff is very helpful and patient with the students. I enjoy the atmosphere. It’s very refreshing to say the least. Great job to the entire Tiger Kim family. Shotouts to Gene Smith for doing an excellent job which is noticed by many.

– DLee Lao

Great Place to learn TaeKwonDo

My son has the opportunity to train with Master Kim, and we’re all very excited!! The studio is amazing, huge, full of their thousands of trophies they have won. The store there is super stocked with all the martial arts gear you could ever want, including weapons.. there is a boxing ring, weight set, excellent location and more. I recommend Tiger Kim to anyone who is ready to take on the challenges of learning a martial art form. I recommend going at then five o’clock session where it is much more hands on and precise.


– Ambra G.

We’re all very excited!!

Tiger Kim’s provides mixed martial arts training, including Taekwondo sanctioned by the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). If you’re serious about finding a school that provides the best training, discipline, technique and variety, with practice in applying the skills you’ve learned, this is the place. Great black belt teachers! not to mention Grandmaster Kim’s decorated past, including working with Bruce Lee.


-Jeff H.

Great black belt teachers!

Our two children have been attending Tiger Kim’s for the past couple of years. They really love the instructors and entire experience and always look forward to going for training and activities. We really appreciate the care and instruction offered by the instructors and administrators. It’s been an all around excellent experience for us and our children.

I highly recommend Tiger Kim’s for anyone serious about Taekwondo in particular, or for anyone who may be seeking the perfect extracurricular activity to contribute towards their child’s athleticism, social development, and discipline.


-Chris L.

They really love the instructors